Stainless Steel Insert Orifice Part
Custom Stainless Steel Insert Orifice for an Oil and Gas Safety Relief Valve
September 30, 2015 Portfolio
Stainless Steel Insert Orifice Part

Stainless Steel Insert Orifice Part

Stainless Steel Insert Orifice Drawing

Stainless Steel Insert Orifice Drawing

This featured insert orifice is used in natural gas extractions, and is composed of 316 stainless steel. To manufacture the insert, a variety of CNC machining processes were applied. Using a Haas CNC lathe with live tooling, we turned each side, with the second side requiring a 1/2″ precision radius on top of a 15 degree lead-in angle. Next, we milled 4 slots 90 degrees apart, with .125″ in depth through 2 7/8″-16 UN-2A threads. Throughout the machining process we maintained tight tolerances of +.000″/-.005″, and a concentricity tolerance of .004″. To conduct inspection we relied on an OGP touch probe and a vision system CMM, as well as micrometers, pin gages, a custom thread gage, a drop gage, and an optical comparator.

The final insert orifice featured 3.00″ round bar stock, with a 2.750″ outside diameter and a 2.020″ to 2.5625″ inside diameter. Each of 4 slots measured 2.188″ wide, and the total insert weighed 1/2 lb. We then labeled each carton with part and lot numbers, as well as the quantity. Packaging was limited to 60 parts per box, with each box weighing a maximum of 40 lbs. Included in each order was a raw material certification, complete with chemical and mechanical properties, and quality control verification. The project took 4 to 6 weeks to complete, and was then shipped to our client for use in the oil and gas industry.

Specifications for the Custom Stainless Steel Insert Orifice

Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Haas CNC Lathe w/ Live tooling
OGP Touch Probe and Vision System CMM
Overall Part Dimensions 3.00″ Round Bar Stock
O.D. ø2.750″
I.D. ø2.020″-2.5625″
2 7/8-16 UN-2A Thread
Four 2.188″ Wide Slots
Tightest Tolerances +000″/-.005″
Concentricity of .004″
Material Used 316 Stainless Steel per ASTM A479
Max Material Finish 63 RMS
Typical Machining Operations CNC Machining:
Set up On Lathe
Turn Side 1
Turn Side 2: Precision ½” Radius on top of a 15 Degree Lead in Angle
Mill Slots: 4 Slots Spaced 90 Degrees at .125″ Deep Through 2 7/8″-16 UN-2A ThreadsInspection:
Inspected using:
Pin Gages
Custom Thread Gage
Drop Gage
Optical ComparatorPackaging:
Packaged to GMMCO Standards

Paperwork Includes:
Raw Material Certification w/ Chemical & Mechanical Properties
All paper work is Stamped w. QC Inspector Stamp
Packaging Slip
60 Parts Max. Per Box
40 Lbs Max. Per Box
Box Size 12″x10″x6″
Each carton To be Labeled w/ Part Number, Lot Number, and Quantity

Estimated Part Weight ½ pound
Industry for Use Oil and Gas
Delivery Time 4-6 Weeks
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D Auto CAD Drawing
Product Name Custom Insert Orifice