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Custom Stainless Steel Fuel Nozzle Seal for Pratt & Whitney Jet Engine

Steel Fuel Nozzle Seal

This featured fuel nozzle seal is used on a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine – the power plant for thousands of MD-80 and DC-9 commercial aircraft in the sky today. Our engineering staff worked with Pratt & Whitney engineers

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Custom Carbon Steel Grip Plug for Aerospace Application

Carbon Steel Grip Plug

This featured grip plug is a critical aerospace part and is composed of 4140 stainless steel that was heat treated to 32-38 HRC. To manufacture the insert, a variety of CNC Swiss Turning processes were applied. Using a SR-32J Star

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Custom Stainless Steel Insert Orifice for an Oil and Gas Safety Relief Valve

Stainless Steel Insert Orifice Part

This featured insert orifice is used in natural gas extractions, and is composed of 316 stainless steel. To manufacture the insert, a variety of CNC machining processes were applied. Using a Haas CNC lathe with live tooling, we turned each

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